Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stamping Test: Silver

Everyone is looking for the best polishes for stamping.  Konad polishes can get kind of pricey, if you don't know where to shop.  I believe that you should have a black and a white.  All other colors can be duped.  I purchased my Konad polishes from HERE.  Honestly, it's not that much more than a regular polish.  Especially when you are buying OPI for around 8.50 and China Glaze for around 7.00 in the stores.  I have been doing a lot of looking around for good stamping polishes.  It's very well known that the Sally Hansen Insa Dri's are great for stamping.  I have purchased more than a few of them.  There are quit a few youtube videos doing comparisons for black and white dupes.  Honestly, I will stick to my Konad.  But, Silver is another story!!  Every one is looking for a great silver and gold.  I haven't found the gold yet.  But I did get a few of the most popular silvers and decided to do a test.  I have the following polishes:

Orly Dazzle, SH I.D. Silver Sweep, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes & SH I.D. Gone Grey
 ( I know, not silver, but I had JUST picked it up and wanted to give it a test)

I decided to use a Konad plate so there were no discrepancies, Konad is the best, there are other great brands, I have a bunch of them, but Konad really is the best.  I used the zebra print because it's a good full image where you can see all the lines.  I used a base coat of WnW Ebony Hates Chris.  The test images are in the same order as the pic above.  Here is how it went:

Dazzle has more shimmer in it, but it stamps really well.  Silver Sweep and Silver Mercedes are almost identical!  For the price, get the Silver Mercedes.  My Walmart has them for less than 2.00.  Last is the Gone Grey.  I didn't think this was going to stamp at all.  It was a little watery, but to my surprise, it stamped pretty good :)
There you have it.   A few different polishes to choose from for your stamping pleasure.  Hope I was able to  help you decide which polish is best for you.  Thanks for looking and Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for the great comparison! I like the middle two the best. Silver Sweep looks a tad more sparkly to me.

    1. It is a tiny bit, up close. But just walking around, they look exactly the same. I was quit happy with how all if them stamped :)

  2. Hello!

    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  3. Awesome. That was helpful. Thanks Mandy.

  4. Nice post, thanks for the info!!


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