Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretty & Polished Cuticle Oil {Review}

Hey all!  A few weeks ago I received a sample of cuticle oil from Pretty & Polished for review.  With the Holidays and all, I am finally ready to post my review.  Here is what I received, sorry for the cell phone pic, but it's all I had when my son decided he loved the oil too and sadly dumped half of it out while I was out and the kids were home with dad.  Yes, I am blaming dad for this one! 

Pretty & Polished Cuticle Oil

I got a little dropper bottle and a cute file.  Isn't it cute?!?!  So hanging out in my purse :)

You may have seen other reviews for oils or balms from Pretty & Polished, and originally the oils were dispensed with a roller ball, which had me super excited.  I was planning on getting one as soon as I ran out of my sample.  But then the news came that the roller ball failed :(  So now the oils are going to stay in droppers.  Which, if you ask me, is still better than a brush.  It's so simple to just grab a bit in the tube and dab a little drop at the top of my cuticles and rub it in.  Purse friendly and quit easy to apply.

Here is some info I received from Chels:
"Cuticle Oils will be packaged in dropper bottles that contain 7.3 ml of product (which is 1.3 more than the old packaging).  We will also be releasing new scents within the next 48 hours!"

Sooooo, you get a little more bang for you buck!  Here is what the new bottles will look like:

Pretty & Polished Cuticle Oil

I received fruit punch and it smells delicious!!  It's not too strong and doesn't fade away fast.  When I have my hands close to my face a while after using the oil, it still smells good :)

I have loved Pretty & Polish nail polish for a while, my collection is steadily growing, and now I can add the oils to one of my favs from the shop.  Chels has expanded her shop to include lots of great things like oils, balms, jewelry, gift sets and nail art tins.  Check out the SHOP and see for yourself.  Beware, your wallet may suffer LOL

XOXO  Mandy

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  1. cute bottle and interesting that it is scented...but in your review you never really said how you felt it worked as a cuticle oil in regards to other available cuticle oils - was it better, worse, about the same as other oils in t he market already? :)


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