Saturday, July 14, 2012

Polish Magnets

I haven been wanting to make some polish jewelry and magnets for a while now.  I bought some supplies a few months ago and then they just sat in my room :(  When I found out that my sister was getting her condo, I decided a cute home made gift was in order.  So I got out my supplies and some polish to match her decor.  She was using peacocks for inspiration.  So Purples and Teals was the way to go.  There are a few tutorials online with instructions on how to make these.  They are sooooo simple and fun.  You are basically going to paint the glass beads in the reverse of how you would paint your nails.  Start with top coat, then glitter, if you are using, then base color.  You can add in some nail art designs, stamping, special effects polishes etc.  The sky is the limit really.  I took some advice and painted the backs black and added a coat of Seche Vite.  This way they are all the same on the back and very uniform.
Since this was my first go at it, I decided to go simple.  I let my beads dry overnight, then hot glued on the magnets and voila!  Cute personalized magnets for any occasion :)
I brought these to my sister and at first she couldn't figure out how I made them.  When her husband came home, he saw them on the fridge and assumed that she had bought them.  My sister informed him that I made them and he was a little surprised and loved them as much as she did! 
Here is what hers look like

Glass Beads purchased from the Dollar Tree
Button Magnets purchased from Michaels
Mini Glue Gun purchased from Michaels

Enjoy your Saturday!!


  1. that is so cool! Your magnets are beautiful, great job!

  2. As a crafter and jeweler (heehee) I LOVE this project! I have tons of these little 'gems' around the house that are left over from candle globes. Still in the bag...supposed to have been returned, just waiting to be repurposed! AWESOME!! Thanks!


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