Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Blogger Friday: Nail Polish Lane

Welcome to another Guest Blogger Friday!!  I am enjoying all the fun Friday mani's.  This week Belén so graciously offered to share her talents.  She has a great blog, don't forget to go check her out :)


Mandy gave the opportunity of doing a guest post, and I am so happy! I'm going to introduce myself: I'm Belén, from Nail Polish Lane. I started my nail polish obsession about eight months ago, even though I always enjoyed painting my nails with solid colors. I started my blog a few months ago, but I started being very active in August, because I was doing the 31 day challenge!
Now to the mani! For this special occasion I wanted to show you Accessorize Pink Spice, a really beautiful nail polish that I got in the UK. It is a multi-chrome between pink, gold and orange. It is so cool! I wanted to add something, but I didn't want to cover that awesomeness, so I decided to add a little bows with the technique I learned in the Wah Book of Nail Art from Sharmadean Reid. I used nail art pens that I got in Accessorize as well to draw them. They didn't come out perfect, but I got a LOT of compliments and it is easy to do, you just need a little bit of patience. I hope you enjoyed my entry. Have a great day!

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