Friday, December 14, 2012

BadAss Polish: Dusk {Review}

I have another review for you today :)  This is another polish from the core line of BadAss Polish.  Dusk is a beautiful glitter polish.  It's a clear base packed with mostly blue glitters and tiny gold glitters mixed in there for some some added dimension.  This polish is gorgeous in the bottle!

BadAss Polish Dusk

When choosing what color to layer over, I knew blue was a must.  But I wanted to add another as an accent.  Purple won that battle after a few swatches on a piece of paper.

BadAss Polish Dusk

I went with Sinful Colors Midnight Blue and Let's Talk as my underwear, a nice deep blue and dark purple.  I wish I could capture the purple's true color on camera.  The blue is spot on.  Looks great, right?  The accent is actually about twice as dark as in the photo.  So the contrast in real life is much more than you see here in the photo.  But you can still get a good idea how how cool Dusk looks over purple.

BadAss Polish Dusk

I used just one coat of Dusk for this mani.  That was all I needed.  This one is a little on the thicker side, so I would recommend you either add a bit of thinner or do as I did and just do one thick coat on each nail.  If you go too thin, you are gonna get some dragging as the polish dries and you are still trying to spread on more glitter.  Ask me how I know that LOL.  So get it on there, spread fast and move on to the next.

Just looking at my nails I am reminded of OPI Absolutely Alice.  I cannot for sure say that this Midnight Blue/Dusk combo is a dupe, but it sure looks like it from the bottle.  I will have to do a comparison post.  Wouldn't it be cool if this combo made the dupe list?  We shall see!

As always, check out BadAss Polish on Facebook and check out the SHOP to make your purchases.  Amy is really great and I enjoy working with her and her husband.

Amy is kind enough to send me the next polish in their football line, The Vikes, so stay tuned for that one!


  1. Oh my, that would be great if it was a dupe for Absolutely Alice! I never thought of that. You have a good eye:)

  2. Aaahhhh!! Absolutely Alice is my fav glitter ever so I must have this polish!!!! Thanks for the lovely swatches!!!


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