Friday, December 7, 2012

BadAss Polish: Go Pack Go! {Review}

Happy Friday, it's another review day :)  I have the 2nd football inspired polish from BadAss Polish, Go Pack Go!  This one is inspired by the Green Bay Packers :)  I did a review of America's Team where I went into detail about the packaging, check it out HERE, it's worth a peek.  I will wait till you come back.

Ok, back? Good!  Now, lets get on to Go Pack Go!  In keeping with the colors of the Packers, this polish is packed full of green glitters with some large gold hex glitters. Perfect!!  Sneak peek of the bottle? Sure!

BadAss Polish Go Pack Go

Isn't it lovely?  This is a must have if you or your other half is a Packers fan.  
Alrighty, so, since this is a themed polish, I kept with the theme and did a green and yellow base.

BadAss Polish Go Pack Go

I went with Sinful Colors San Francisco and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.  2 perfect colors if you ask me!
I topped with 1 coat of Go Pack Go! and a coat of Seche Vite.  I think it turned out great.

BadAss Polish Go Pack Go

As with any glitter polish with large glitters, you might have to do a little fishing.  I didn't have to fish for the large yellow glitters, I just had to be careful not to swipe them off my nail as I was spreading out the polish.  So just beware you might have to "place" some of the large yellow glitters.

BadAss Polish Go Pack Go

There you have it, a lovely green and yellow glitter polish based on the Green Bay Packers.  Of course, you don't have to layer over green and yellow.  It's green and gold, this will look cool over black, red for Christmas, blue, oooooh, and purple!  Lots of fun to be had with this one.  

Visit BadAss Polish on Facebook and check out the shop on Etsy.

I have 2 more polishes coming up, stay tuned.  They will be up next week.

Enjoy your Friday and have an awesome weekend :)

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