Friday, March 29, 2013

OPI: I Theodora You Dotticure

Easter is this weekend people!  I have big plans with the family so I am popping in to share my cute Easter inspired dotticure.  I have been wanting to do one for a while, but when I am in a slump, it never enters my head.  I need to start keeping a list of techniques I wanna try.  Anywho, I also picked up OPI I Theodora You  (from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection) when I went to Ulta this week.  It's a cute light pink jelly.  I will def have to use this one for a jelly sammie.  I did 2 coats and of course you can still see some of my nail underneath, but that is kind of to be expected.  I grabbed China Glaze For Audrey and Happy Go Lucky for my dots.  Kind of the only options I had, I don't have a lot of pastels.  So I gotta work with what I got ;)  Here is how it turned out.  Pretty good I think.  I have seen better, but for a first try, I am happy with it.

OPI I Theodora You Dotticure
Base Coat:  Rejuvacote
Base Color:  OPI I Theodora You (2 coats)
Dots:  China Glaze For Audrey and Happy Go Lucky
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

Easter plans this Sunday?  Got a cute mani in mind?  Share :)  Have a great weekend all! 

OPI I Theodora You Dotticure

XOXO  Mandy


  1. This is cute! The colours go together so well :D. I have no clue what to put on my nails just yet :)


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