Thursday, March 7, 2013

2nd Day Nails: Reverse Gradient

Today's post is short and sweet :)  Yesterday I shared my review for Sassy Lacquer, Tiger Lily Wears Pink, which you can see HERE.  After doing my nails I knew I wanted to add a little spunk and decided it was time to try a reverse gradient.  I have such a perfect gold and silver glitter (Bling) from BadAss Polish that I reviewed a while back, you can see that HERE.  
I Headed to YouTube and found this video to be very helpful.  So off I went, here are my pretty pink glittery nails.  I am loving them.  I can't stop looking at them!

BadAss Polish Bling  Sassy Lacquer Tiger Lily Wears Pink
Base Coat:  Rejuvacote
Base Color:  Sassy Lacquer Tiger Lily Wears Pink (2 coats)
Glitter:  BadAss Polish Bling
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

Hope your week is going great and will try a fun glitter gradient soon.  Summer is coming and the more glitter the better, I say!

XOXO  Mandy


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