Monday, March 19, 2012

Hunger Games: Stone Cold

Seems everyone is familiar with the Hunger Games books and the movie coming out.  I however had never heard of it.  I probably wouldn't have heard of the China Glaze Hunger Games Line if it weren't for PAA
I was excited to get Stone Cold, a gray matte with a little sparkle.  I don't have any matte's so this was a biggie for me.  I was able to order a couple on sale with free shipping, YAY!!!
So here is my take on this polish.  I don't love it, and that makes me sad.  I do think that with a little more practice, I will grow to love it.
I put on my first coat and was a little surprised how uneven it went on.  I used a thicker 2nd coat and that helped a lot.  You have to be real careful when cleaning up your cuticles, if you get polish remover on your nail, it will take off a bit of the top layer and you will be left with a silver spot in your polish.  You will notice that I have a few of those.
It's totally weird not to use a top coat, if you do, you will make this a shiny finish.  Wondering if I needed to use a matte top coat.
Thoughts?  Suggestions?  All are appreciated, Thank You!!!

Base Coat:  Seche Rebuild
Base Color:  China Glaze Stone Cold
Top Coat:  None

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  1. I'm starting to really like Matte colors...this one is Gorgeous!...I bet it would also be fun as a base color for stamping??....Maybe some black or silver just cant leave a mani alone anymore♥

    1. I plan on giving this one another try for sure! Definitely will be getting out the plates and stamping all over LOL

  2. A really cool effect I've seen with mattes but haven't yet tried myself (Stone Cold is my second matte polish!) is to dot or stripe, whatever, with regular top coat. The difference between the matte and shiny textures is intriguing, IMHO. :)

    1. I have seen that! I totally plan on trying it too :)


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