Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Challenge: Picture with your pet

I recently joined a group on FB called Polish-Aholics Anonymous  It's a great group of girls to talk polish with, swap polishes or even have an over seas buddy send you some thing special from their neck of the woods.
Challenges are every Monday.  This week's?  Take a picture of your Mani with your pets(s).  Could be any Mani and if you don't have a pet, you can use a stuffed animal.  I have 4 mini doxies.  Rosebud, Marbles, Pinky and Harry.  However, EVERY time I take a picture of one of them, they look like devil dogs with their glowing eyes.  So I opted not to use them in my photo.  Instead, I got a cute little rubber ducky from my kids' bath tub.

This mani is actually for another group challenge tomorrow.  I will explain then.  Until then, enjoy my little rubber ducky :)

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