Friday, May 18, 2012

ASBMF #10 Butterflies

Can you believe that I got two challenges done so close together?  I cheated.....hahahaha....I did one challenge on one hand and then another on my other hand.  Trying to catch up makes for fun double mani's.  This challenge is butterflies.  I have a lot of butterfly stamps, but I wanted to try these free hand monarch butterflies I keep seeing.  I did this design completely free hand with a striper brush and a dotting tool.  I used this video tutorial.  She has some cute and fun stuff, if you haven't seen her channel, check her out.
When I was deciding what color butterflies I wanted, I just couldn't make a decision.  So I went with all the Metallics in the Kleancolor Metallic collection.  I was able to purchase the entire set on Amazon.  When I purchased the set, it was 8.88 plus 2.95 shipping.  Now looking at it, it sells for 4.24 plus 5.49 shipping.  It's a little cheaper now even with more shipping.  Might even be able to get the set from eBay for even less.  OK, back to the mani.  I painted my nails in this order starting with my thumb:  Metallic Aqua, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic Fuschia, Metallic Purple and Metallic Green.  I am really glad that I did it this way.  Now I know which colors work well with this kind of art.  My favorites are the Metallic Aqua and Metallic Green.  All the others are just too dark and it's hard to see the contrast in colors.
After I was finished with the design, I thought it needed a little of course that means some glitter.  I grabbed my silver glitter striper and added it to the top of the wing.  Next it was time for the white dots.  Super easy,  I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a dotting tool.  Some thing weird happened when I put on my top coat.  All my white dots turned the same color as my base color.  Which I thought was really weird.  I had painted my base colors earlier in the morning and applied my top coat.  I didn't get to the design until the afternoon.  So I had to go over the white dots to make them really white.  I added another top coat and all seemed fine.  Until I saw that there were blue dots on my index finger :(  No clue why it happened, but I wasn't messing with it any more.  Here is the final product

Base Coat:  Sech REBUILD
Base Colors:  Kleancolor Metallics-Aqua, Sapphire, Fuschia, Purple & Green
 Butterfly Wing Design: Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris
Glitter:  L.A. Colors Silver Glitter Striper
Spots:  Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Top Coat:  Sech Vite

I hope you will try out a butterfly mani

Happy Friday!!


  1. Gorgeous butterflies! I love the purple on your ring finger.

  2. Nice!
    PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog:


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