Thursday, May 17, 2012

Color Club: Revvvolution

It has been so hot and sunny here I thought I would share a Holo with you.  This is Color Club's Revvvolution. Such a pretty grey, but then you get out in the sun light and BAM!  Holo-y goodness.  So fun to have this one when you are out running some errands on a sunny day.  You never stop looking at your fingers :)

Base Coat:  Seche REBUILD
Base Color:  Color CLub Revvvolution
Top Coat:  Sech Vite


  1. This polish also works great for stamping. I love it too.

    1. I tried stamping a Zebra print, didn't turn out so well. I have seen a lot of ppl stamp with it. I just need some more practice :)

  2. So gorgeous! I need to get myhands on this beauty!


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