Monday, October 1, 2012

This Is Halloween: Horror Movie

I joined a Halloween nail are challenge, YAY!!  There is a scheduled mani every Friday for the month of October.  So Guest Blogger Friday will be on hold while I am doing this challenge.

The first one is Horror Movies.  I don't watch a lot of horror movies.  I don't like or dislike them, they are just not on the top of my list.  I would rather watch a comedy and laugh my ass off than watch people be butchered and scared to death.  So when thinking of this challenge, I didn't pick a specific movie.  I haven't seen a horror film in a very long time.  But, there is always some body getting hacked up, ground up or chewed up, EW!  So I went with a blood drip mani.  All sorts of blood in a horror movie, right?

Base Coat:  Rejuvacote
Base Color:  Sinful Colors Snow Me White (2 coats)
Blood:  Sally Hansen Insta Dri  Wined Up (applied with a dotting tool)
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

There you have it, my bloody mani, what do you think?  
There are a bunch of us doing the challenge, be sure to check out the rest of the gals :)

Oh, only one day left for my Giveaway, EEEEK!!!


  1. Hello! I also do the challenge, please, add me to the list of participants! kisses


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